Thursday, 19 January 2017

Millennial Woes and the state of free speech in Britain.

Some of those in the neo-reactionary movement might be aware of a Scottish vlogger known as, Millennial Woes. He has become a somewhat popular figure within the alt-right in recent years, his political views are unashamedly racialist, nationalist and reactionary. I myself have been a subscriber to his channel for a just over a year, and whilst some of his political stances may be a bitter pill to swallow, his videos are none the less highly informative, insightful and thought provoking. None of his content as far I can see, could be considered a breach of any of the UK's draconian 'hate speech' laws. He is always meticulously careful about what he says, and has made it clear numerous times that he is absolutely against violence of any form.

His growing status has inevitably attracted the ire of anti-fascist groups and the left wing media. Back in 2015, Nick Lowles (a British anti-fascist campaigner and leader of a far-left, multiculti, circle jerk known as 'Hope not Hate'), issued a Twitter post urging people to come forward and reveal the identity of Millennial Woes, in a clear and obvious attempt to intimate him into silence. Nothing as far as I know came of this. Then in November of 2016, MW was invited to speak at the now infamous National Policy Institute conference in the US, alongside fellow alt-righter, Richard Spencer. A left wing Scottish tabloid, The Daily Record, discovered this and penned an article demanding that this "mystery Scottish racist's" identity be revealed. The article itself is absolute trash journalism, offering not a single counter argument to any of MW's stances, just a slew of buzzwords and ad-hominem attacks. Here is a link to that article. 

At some point over the Christmas period somebody did reveal his identity to the Daily Record (who appear to have a special vendetta against MW), they then gleefully plastered his identity, personal family details and even his location all over their front page. Not content with that, they even sent journalists to his home and when they couldn't make contact, they attempted to publicly shame him by interviewing his neighbours, asking them how they felt about this "vile, racist, xenophobic, bigot" living on their street, most of whome give typical, virtue signalling responses.

So as a result of all this, Millennial Woes has now fled Britain to an undisclosed location, presumably for his own personal safety, and the future of his presence on Youtube has been thrown into doubt. The disgusting and downright irresponsible actions of the Daily Record, have not only silenced somebody exercising their right to free speech, but have also potentially placed him and his family in very real danger. Any violent, Antifa thug can now easily find his home address. Or worse yet an Islamic radical (many of his videos have been highly critical towards Islam, and we know too well what can happen to those criticise the religion of peace).

So this is the state of free speech in Britain today. If you express any opinions that go against the established, liberal orthodoxy, you risk the far-left and the mainstream media doxxing you, sending journalists to harass and hound you in your own home, and maybe even attempt to have you arrested and prosecuted for 'hate speech' violations. This is not how things should be in a free and democratic society, we must be able to speak our minds without the fear of this kind of devious and underhanded retribution. If somebody is saying things you disagree with, then you should fight their ideas with debate. It is my view that those who seek to silence their opposition rather than engage them in debate, are effectively admitting (perhaps on a subconscious level at least) that they know their own ideas are bullshit, built on a sandy foundation of pie-in-the-sky idealism that will easily crumble away when held up to scrutiny.


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