Friday, 20 January 2017

China to teach masculinity to boys. Take note, Western world.

 "A new school textbook that aims to teach boys how to be "masculine" men has been released. Called "Little Men," the book covers the differences between boys and girls, the importance of the father-son relationship as well as the importance of interacting with nature and managing money."

It's not often I find myself praising the Chinese establishment, but in this case I believe they are spot on. It is unfortunate that the state now feels it must step in to do a job that fathers should be doing, but I think it is a positive move, none-the-less. I hope the policy is successful for the Chinese.

 "According to Tiantian Zheng, a professor of anthropology at State University of New York at Cortland, the issue of "masculinity" and the upbringing of boys is being treated as a priority at state level educational policy."

Unfortunately for us, the Western world is moving in precisely the opposite direction. Masculinity is now demonised at almost every level of the establishment, from education, academia and popular culture, right up to even the highest levels of government in come countries (I'm looking at you, Sweden).

From a very young age, Western boys go into an overwhelmingly female dominated, school system, where they are effectively forced to repress their natural, boyish tendencies by women teachers who don't understand or know how to handle such behaviour. Those who don't conform are often labelled with bullshit 'disorders' such as ADHD, a tag that condemns perfectly healthy boys to a life of believing there is something wrong with them, damages the self esteem and can stunt their drive for success. And don't even get me started on the harmful, mind bending ADHD drugs so many are placed on.

After school, many boys will go to college and university, where they will be fed typical feminist rhetoric, that masculinity is not in fact something absolutely essential for upholding the very foundations of civilisation, but something toxic and destructive that must be abolished. And popular culture echoes the exact same rhetoric.

And thus we now have young 'men' coming into the real world who are frankly not even worthy of the title. In my own generation, I see so many males in their late 20s, early 30s, an age at which they should be blossoming into full maturity, who possess virtually no masculine qualities and are utterly useless. They have no practical skills, they don't know how to use tools, how to build or fix things nor do they even have the inclination to learn these skills when the need arises, they just wallow in learned helplessness. They lack gumption and initiative, and then wonder why they can't find a good job. And I fear these traits will be even more present in the generations below me.

If this decline is not halted and reversed, our civilisation WILL face severe problems in the not too distant future. A society lacking in strong, masculine men, will become stagnant, stunted and weak. It will also be easily conquered by more masculine civilisations, the most clear and present danger in that respect, would be Islam. We in the West cannot wait for the state to step in, like the Chinese. The burden of responsibility is on all men who still retain their masculinity. Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins etc, we must ensure, now more than ever, that the young boys in our lives are once again instilled with masculine values and grow up to become good, strong, confident, independent and resourceful men.

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